How to Make A 5 Minute Macrame Planter

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Macrame planters are making a comeback. I’ve been seeing a lot of them for sale lately, but the price is usually extremely expensive. I have seen some of the more elaborate planters go for $70!

Luckily, these planters are super easy to make. With just some macrame cord and some knot tying skills, I was able to make a planter, including the plant, for around $10!

Macrame cord comes in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses, and a huge roll of it is usually around $5-$8. Plants also vary, and a lot of stores sell them for less than $5. Succulents are probably the best choice for these planters, but any kind of plant that doesn’t grow too tall works fine.

I just love how this looks hanging on my back porch. I made 3 with varying heights and hung them close to one another so it has an artsy, effortless feel.

Quick and Easy Macrame Planter Tutorial
WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

Want to make your own? Watch Brooke and Cinda with WhatsUpMoms make this macrame planter and learn how to make this simple DIY!

Easy Macrame Hanging Planter Tutorial

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